Friday, November 14, 2008

Scooter B LongDog

Well hi there! My name is Scooter. I live in a small town in Georgia with my family. My family is my Mom, Dad, brother, sister, Precious, Stanley, Itty Bitty, Hanibal, Greta, Ingrid, and Buns of Steel. It sounds like a lot but we are really comfortable in the same house. We all get along very well and love each other very much!
I'm short and long with dark reddish brown hair. My face is triangular and my eyes are brown. My mom says that my hair has hundreds of different colors in it and even looks like it has spun gold running through it. She loves me so much! My tail is long with a dark end. I wag it really fast when I'm happy and I can't stand for anybody to touch it.
I'm not very good about going to the bathroom outside. My mom says it's because I feel vulnerable and don't want to be in a position to not protect myself. It really upsets my dad for me to poopie in the hallway and I try to not do it. I just have to go somewhere and I don't like to go outside. My mom says it's really easy to pick up so she doesn't get upset with me. She gets upset with dad for fussing about it.

Scooter B's Dad

My dad is a professional Santa. He works as a school bus driver during other times but he is a Santa all the time.

Scooter B's Mom

My Mom is a very nice lady. She is kinda short and very cuddly. I meet her at the door when she comes in and I don't leave her side until she leaves again. I stay in the kitchen when she is cooking or cleaning. I go into the laundry room with her when she is folding clothes. (sometimes she even puts me up on the table to lay on the clothes while she is folding - she watches me very closely in case I forget I'm up high.) She feeds me and makes sure I am warm. She protects me from anything ever bothering me. I love her and she loves me! I really don't know what my life would be like without her and I wonder what she would do without me. We belong together!